ring me you gremlin
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excuse me


excuse me


Arizona Ephemera 1950s-60s (via)

one in the same


for those of you who have been wondering, here is the interview with Alex Turner and Matt Helders next to a lake.

my hands is like the harry potter series


u not really tryna see what they about.

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your honestly just an ugly nigger





omg guys! i literally just installed this thing where people who *think* they’re clicking on anon, aren’t. and well well well look what we have here




what kind of extreme inbreeding teas! what kind of i live on a ranch and sneak into the barn every night and have sex with my brother and my horse teas?

and of course, you follow me. proof that in general, hate mail comes from fans who’s presence we are literally unaware of


I mean I could go on but I’m literally beyond embarrassed on your behalf i hope your future employer at the gas station sees this and decides not to hire you you ugly squidward bitch

That’s not the proper way to insult someone. You are insulting other people in the process. My family used to do a lot of inbreeding and I’m a fucking model. Plus that looks like it was taken in like the hospital and like she was sick. I bet you don’t look so hot in the hospital either. Rant over. I think.

an inbred model you guys. what agency are you with?

"My family used to do a lot of inbreeding" *beyonce voice* that is so crazy

GET TO KNOW ME MEME | [1/5] favourite relationships
           ~ Becky/Steve | Him and Her

BITCH ME TOO!! The fuck?
me agreeing with someone (via du4ne)

i’m doing a misfits one neXt

10 SONGS x 10 SCENES | My Mad Fat Diary


iconic historic texts

Arctic Monkeys - Sketchead (8-Bit)
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Sketchead (8-Bit) - Arctic Monkeys


Antonia Thomas discusses the lack of diversity in period dramas

Trivia: she auditioned for the critically acclaimed film Belle.